"My husband has not been able to wear a wedding ring for the last eight years, his previous ring broke and we were never able to find one that opened until I found your site.
Next week we will celebrate our wedding anniversary and I will give him this ring with much joy."

"As a goldsmith with over 15 years of experience; I have seen many different sizing assistances. I have never “recommended” any…with the exception of yours. Because of it’s technical excellence I feel confident recommending Superfit to ANY hard to fit customer. If I needed an adjustable shank for myself, yours would be the one."
Rebecca Goddard, Goldsmith Goodman & Sons Jewelers.

My sweetheart is so thoughtful and giving and loving. Last weekend he surprised me with a special gift for no reason at all… By the title of this post, you may have already guessed. He got me a pure, white gold toe ring! I just wanted to share this with you…I know men typically seem to buy their loves chocolates or flowers as gifts, but what a cute gift this toe ring is- in its shining and sparkling splendor, just in time for warmer weather.
Via the Internet

"I picked up my ring last Saturday and I am absolutely thrilled with the way it looks and feels. My ring looks morelovely than it ever did and it fits me perfectly. I am very impressed with the workmanship. The joints are barely visible and work smoothly. I love the weight and thickness of the shank. It feels very substantial. You have made my ring look and feel exactly the way I wanted it to be.
You are geniuses!!”
Julie Gleason San Bruno, CA

"...because of the medication my customer is on, she has been unable to wear her wedding rings for the past two years...when I put the ring on her finger, the look on her face was priceless."
Robert Halstead, Owner, Bob's Karat House

To all the staff of Superfit- Your product is the Rolls Royce of adjustable mechanisms!
It is more elegant, more functional and more efficient than any other. Every person who has seen it has marveled, and I have had to physically remove it from the hands of customers.
Lynne Walker Webb
Custom Gold and Silver Smithing Portland, OR

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